Infographic: 2023 Year in Review

This year was full of innovation and exciting new partnerships. We want to thank our investors, partners, clients, readers, and visitors for your support in 2023. We are looking forward to what 2024 will bring!

Have a Happy New Year !

See below for a summary of AUTOCRYPT’s accomplishments in 2023.

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New solutions:

AutoCrypt TEE – an ASPICE CL2-certified in-vehicle systems security solution that utilizes the trusted execution environment to secure advanced applications like ADAS, IVI, and CCU

AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer for HIL  – an add-on version to the existing Security Fuzzer, the “AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer for HIL” is fuzz test solution optimized for vehicle HIL simulations that helps OEMs detect and report vulnerabilities for safety validation

“TARA Template for Automotive” – a project management tool for conducting Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA), a process crucial to the development and maintenance of automotive software

EVIQ CSMS for Plug&Charge an add-on tool that will seamlessly guide the deployment and management of Plug&Charge operations, available for charge point operators and e-mobility service providers

AutoCrypt KEY – a tool that enables OEMs and suppliers to efficiently manage all types of cryptographic keys used for the components of connected and electric vehicles. AutoCrypt KEY provides all the key management features needed for automotive production

Major partnerships:

AUTOCRYPT and RWTH Aachen University jointly developed “AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer for HIL”, enabling smart fuzzing in HIL simulations.

AUTOCRYPT and V2ROADS entered a cooperation agreement to deliver a full-stack secure V2X solution to Europe, North America, and South Asia.

AUTOCRYPT joined forces with Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. to provide joint offerings and consulting services covering V2X and in-vehicle systems security to Japanese automotive OEMs and tier suppliers.

AUTOCRYPT partnered with a world-renowned Tier-1 telematics supplier, where AUTOCRYPT integrated its V2X security library into the supplier’s OBU.

AutoCrypt V2X-PKI, a tri-standard compliant SCMS platform, was adopted by a global automotive OEM to manage its SCMS operations under the EU CCMS standard.


ASPICE → AUTOCRYPT was recognized with an ASPICE Capability Level (CL) 2 certification for its AutoCrypt TEE software security platform and its well-established processes in securing in-vehicle systems and software.


This year we had the chance to connect with partners and clients, as well as showcase our solutions, at some of the most coveted global events in automotive industry.

  • UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2023
  • ITF 2023 Summit
  • ITS European Congress 2023
  • AutoTech Detroit 2023
  • Electric Vehicle Asia 2023
  • IAA Mobility 2023
  • Aachen Colloquium 2023
  • Expand North Star Dubai

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