AUTOCRYPT to Exhibit at CES, Highlighting Global Standard Compliant V2X Security Solution

SEOUL, KOREA, Dec. 26, 2023 — AUTOCRYPT announced its plans to exhibit at CES 2024, the world’s most influential event in technology. Known for its industry-leading vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and software-defined vehicle (SDV) security solutions, the company will be showing its newest comprehensive solutions at the prestigious event for the first time.

This news comes after AUTOCRYPT’s official partnership announcement with a world-renowned Tier 1 telematics supplier, where AUTOCRYPT will integrate its V2X security library into the supplier’s onboard units (OBU), establishing a production-ready V2X solution for automotive OEMs across the globe. Such partnerships are part of AUTOCRYPT’s long-term strategy of building a comprehensive security solution for software-defined vehicles.

Besides providing V2X security modules for OBUs and RSUs, AUTOCRYPT is also known for being the world’s only V2X PKI provider that supports all major regional SCMS standards, including the North American SCMS, European CCMS, and the Chinese C-SCMS. Having demonstrated the interoperability of its V2X solution within the European CCMS standard, AutoCrypt V2X-PKI has been recently adopted by a global automotive OEM to manage its worldwide SCMS operations.

To further enhance its partnership and client network in the United States, AUTOCRYPT will be highlighting the following at CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12:

  • Showcase of its tri-standard compliant V2X security solution for automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and C-ITS operators
  • Demonstration of its in-vehicle system security solution and testing services for ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155/156 compliance
  • Customized partnership models, with support worldwide (established subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and HQ in South Korea)

“We have established secure V2X infrastructure for over 3,000 miles of smart roads across South Korea. And our V2X security library has been deployed in some of the best-selling vehicle models in the world,” said Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT. “We look forward to bringing our experience in Asia and Europe to the forefront this year at CES and demonstrating our readiness for C-V2X infrastructure deployment and mass production on the North American continent.”

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About Autocrypt Co., Ltd.

AUTOCRYPT is the leading player in automotive cybersecurity and smart mobility technologies. It specializes in the development and integration of security software and solutions for in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, Plug&Charge, and fleet management, paving the way toward a secure and reliable C-ITS ecosystem in the age of software-defined vehicles. AUTOCRYPT also provides management and service platforms for the operators and end users of MaaS, contributing to sustainable and universal mobility.

AUTOCRYPT Demonstrates Interoperability in China’s Largest “Four Layers” C-V2X Demonstration Following Showcase at 2021 China-SAE Congress and Exhibition

SHANGHAI, CHINA, Oct. 28, 2021 — Leading automotive and mobility cybersecurity provider AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd. demonstrated the interoperability of its AutoCrypt V2X security solution at the C-V2X Cross-Industry Pilot Plugfest, China’s largest “Four Layers” C-V2X application testing event, held alongside the 2021 China-SAE Congress and Exhibition (SAECCE) in Shanghai from October 19 to 21. 

The annual “Four Layers” C-V2X interoperability demonstration is organized by IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group C-V2X Working Group and China-SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), gathering OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers from around the world. This year’s C-V2X demonstration was held on test roads across the Shanghai-Suzhou-Wuxi metropolitan area, one of China’s major ITS hubs. 

four layers of c-v2x interoperability

The “Four Layers” of interoperability refers to the physical layer (vehicle), network layer (on-board units or OBUs), message layer (communication modules), and security layer (V2X modules and key management). In the demonstration, AutoCrypt V2X’s software development kit (SDK) was embedded in the OBUs of a major Tier 1 supplier, while its Security Credential Management System (SCMS) was paired with one of the eight participating root certificate authorities (CA).  

“The successful completion of the demonstration continues to confirm the interoperability of AutoCrypt V2X in the C-ITS environment,” said Daniel ES Kim, AUTOCRYPT’s Co-Founder and CEO. “As the V2X security provider for all eight full-scale C-ITS projects in South Korea, AUTOCRYPT has worked closely with OEMs and chipmakers across the globe, and our team is highly experienced in adapting to the specific needs and requirements of each client.” 

Along with the demonstration, AUTOCRYPT showcased its latest technologies and offered consultations at SAECCE 2021, where its technical experts made two key presentations, one of which explained the role of Plug&Charge (PnC) security for smart EV charging, while the other provided guidance to OEMs on how to incorporate in-vehicle security systems to meet both WP.29 and Chinese regional regulations. 

This marks AUTOCRYPT’s third consecutive year of participation in the dual events. To find out more about AUTOCRYPT’s comprehensive mobility security solutions, contact

AUTOCRYPT to Present V2X Security Solution at ITS World Congress 2021

HAMBURG, GERMANY, Oct. 8, 2021 — AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd., a leading mobility security solutions provider, announced its participation at the ITS World Congress 2021 event to be held between October 11th to 15th, 2021. ITS World Congress is one of the largest events focusing on future mobility and digitalization of transportation, and the event offers exceptional access to the global community by inviting all sectors in the mobility field to play a role in the ongoing development of intelligent transport systems (ITS) and services.

At this year’s ITS World Congress, AUTOCRYPT will be presenting a range of mobility security solutions dedicated to creating a holistic mobility security services platform with a focus on V2X security, supporting regional standards of the EU, North America, as well as China, and APAC.

AUTOCRYPT’s V2X security product AutoCrypt V2X not only provides an endpoint security library and backend PKI authentication system but also customizable UI based on centralized management service. As one of the top five V2X security providers in the world, according to Markets and Markets, AUTOCRYPT plans to showcase its oversight of South Korea’s smart road V2X capabilities at booth B5.014 at the ITS event.

Additionally, with its newest vSOC (Vehicle Security Operations Center) for its in-vehicle security solution, AutoCrypt IVS, OEMs can enjoy convenient management and access to oversee monitoring and detection of any vehicular cybersecurity threats.

“As Europe sets itself apart as an essential market for the development of mobility and security solutions, our expansion into Europe with our newest Munich office and ITS World Congress 2021 gives us confidence for a post-pandemic era,” said Daniel ES Kim, AUTOCRYPT’s CEO and co-Founder. “We are thrilled to provide more of our solutions worldwide by offering a greater commitment to providing integrated mobility security technologies for OEMs and suppliers in the industry.”

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No Safety without Security: AUTOCRYPT to Showcase at Shanghai AutoCS 2020

SHANGHAI, CHINA: Autocrypt Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at this year’s Automotive Cybersecurity (AutoCS) conference, taking place in Shanghai from 18-19 June, 2020. As well as showcasing a booth at the much-publicized AutoCS event, Shanghai PanQi Information Technologies CEO Clark Jin will also be hosting a presentation detailing real-world cybersecurity scenarios in the automotive industry.  The theme of the 2020 event is “No Safety without Security,” highlighting the growing need to prioritize cybersecurity before vehicles hit the road.

With the ever-growing landscape of autonomous and connected vehicles, leading minds and corporations are seeking to collaborate and discuss crucial automotive cybersecurity regulations, latest testing methods, good practices and real applications. Autocrypt has established a joint venture with Shanghai PanQi Information Technology Co., Ltd. and the two corporations will move forward to navigate these issues in China.   

Autocrypt and PanQi bring forward the solutions these situations require through security offerings ranging from V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), V2D (Vehicle-to-Device), V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) security, as well as Fleet Management. As leading players for automotive cybersecurity in Asia, the two companies prioritize progressive action in bringing these offerings to market, and will be showcasing the solutions at Shanghai AutoCS.  

Autocrypt CEO and co-Founder, Daniel ES Kim remarked, “We are very much looking forward to exhibiting at AutoCS because the private and public sector must work collaboratively to move past the status quo when it comes to automotive cybersecurity. As the number of connected and autonomous vehicles increases in China, so must the discussions on security regulations and implementation of security measures. It is essential that we not only minimize, but also negate the risks involved and put safety first, and Autocrypt brings forward a comprehensive set of solutions to the table to negate those risks.” 

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