AUTOCRYPT Achieves ASPICE CL2 for TEE-Based In-Vehicle Systems Security

SEOUL, KOREA, February 2, 2023 — A global leader in automotive cybersecurity and connected mobility technologies, AUTOCRYPT announced its certification for ASPICE Capability Level (CL) 2. One of the very first and few cybersecurity providers to achieve this certification, AUTOCRYPT was recognized for its well-established processes in securing in-vehicle systems and software.

ASPICE, or Automotive Software Process Improvement Capability Determination, is an assessment scale used to evaluate an automotive supplier’s software development and management procedures. It is a de facto standard for continuous improvements in the software supply chain, confirming all components are planned, performed, and managed systematically.

AUTOCRYPT obtained ASPICE CL2 certification for its AutoCrypt IVS-TEE software security platform, a trusted execution environment (TEE) built into application processors. Since the TEE is separated from regular operating systems, it allows applications to run in an isolated and secure environment. As one of the first to integrate TEE into the automotive ecosystem, AUTOCRYPT expects to further strengthen its international partnership network for in-vehicle software security.

“Automotive architecture is transforming rapidly. More and more application processors are built into vehicles to run advanced applications like ADAS, infotainment, and the central communication unit. This makes software security a key determinant of vehicle quality, reliability, and safety,” said Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT. “We look forward to integrating cutting-edge security technologies into the automotive supply chain to ensure a reliable and flawless software-defined experience.”

Beyond its usage in securing in-vehicle systems, AutoCrypt IVS-TEE will soon be integrated into security-critical services such as OTA, digital key, and smart EV charging. The solution is now available worldwide for OEMs and tier suppliers.

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Infographic: 2022 Year in Review

Post-pandemic 2022 has been a busy and exciting year for AUTOCRYPT, filled with innovative new product launches and accomplishments. We wanted to thank all our investors, partners, clients, and visitors for all your support over the year. Have a wonderful holiday and see you in 2023!

See below for a summary of AUTOCRYPT’s accomplishments in 2022.

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Red Herring – AUTOCRYPT was selected as “2022 Red Herring Top 100 Global” by Red Herring magazine

2022 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards – AutoCrypt IVS won “Automotive Cybersecurity Solution of the Year”

2022 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards – AutoCrypt EQ was awarded “Ride Hailing Innovation of the Year”

Events – We had some meaningful conversations and discussions with our partners and clients at international events this year, including ITF Summit, AutoTech: Detroit, EVS35 Oslo, and ITS World Congress

WebTrust Accreditation – AUTOCRYPT was officially accredited by the WebTrust program as a root CA for the V2X-PKI ecosystem

Series B – AUTOCRYPT closed its Series B financing round with $25.5 million, bringing its total valuation to $120 million

EVIQ – In the summer, we launched EVIQ, an all-in-one EV information and charging platform that comprises a charger locator map, a charging station management system (CSMS) for CPOs, a smart-billing Level 1 EV charger for residential use, and a Plug&Charge security module for secure and seamless charging

AutoCrypt V2X-Air – Launched in Spring, AutoCrypt V2X-Air is a portable OBU for vulnerable road users, enabling pedestrians and micromobility users to easily join the V2X ecosystem

Security Analyzer and Security Fuzzer – We launched a set of vulnerability testing tools utilizable during any stage of the software development lifecycle, dedicated to software-defined vehicles

Integrated Management System for SCMS – IMS for SCMS allows OEMs to view all their entire SCMS certificates on one centralized GUI.

Plug&Charge – AutoCrypt PnC was integrated into Hyundai Motor’s E-pit charging service platform, an ultra-rapid EV charging network across South Korea.

AUTOCRYPT Accredited by WebTrust for CAs as V2X Root Certificate Authority

SEOUL, KOREA, December 7, 2022 — AUTOCRYPT, an industry-leading provider of automotive cybersecurity and connected mobility solutions, announced that it has been officially accredited by the AICPA/CICA WebTrust Program for CAs (Certification Authorities) as a root certificate authority for the V2X-PKI ecosystem, making it Asia’s first, and the world’s third V2X root certificate authority to receive the WebTrust seal.

The WebTrust Program accredits CAs after having licensed auditors conduct extensive audits to verify that the CA has adequate management capabilities and strictly follows its Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) by properly verifying organizations and protecting its certificate keys. The WebTrust seal is an internationally recognized symbol for safe practice in PKI and cryptography, to which many organizations demand WebTrust accreditation for all CAs involved in their supply chains.

AUTOCRYPT’s V2X-PKI CA (Certificate Authorization) Service acts as a root CA that registers, issues, manages, and revokes V2X certificates to subordinate CAs, supporting SCMS standards across North America, Europe, and China. Independently operated by its self-established security certification center, the service has undergone months of external audits and monitoring prior to receiving the accreditation.

“Aligning with our vision of enabling reliable and autonomous mobility for all road users, we developed our own root CA service to help establish trust within the V2X ecosystem,” said Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT. “By providing WebTrust-accredited certificate lifecycle management for V2X CAs, we look forward to enabling a streamlined V2X deployment process for our clients and partners, as well as encouraging more V2X implementations across a wider variety of use cases.”

Apart from serving as a V2X root CA, AUTOCRYPT offers a complete security solution for the V2X ecosystem, including a security module for OBU/RSUs, an SCMS backend, and an Integrated Management System (IMS) for SCMS that enables automotive OEMs to oversee all the SCMS certificates for their fleets via a graphical user interface.

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AUTOCRYPT Closes Series B With $25.5 Million to Expand V2X and In-Vehicle Systems Security for Intelligent Transport

SEOUL, KOREA, May 26, 2022 — AUTOCRYPT, a leading secure mobility and V2X communications company, has raised a $25.5 million Series B round, with post-money valuation of $120 million. Leading backers included Korea Asset Investment Securities, Ulmus Investment, BSK Investment, Shinhan Venture Investments, JB Asset Management, STIC Ventures, Pathfinder H, and Hyundai Venture Investment. 

In 2020, the company closed its Series A round with $15 million and began its Series B round in late 2021 with the goal to expand its V2X offerings globally. Establishing subsidiaries in Toronto, Canada and Munich, Germany, AUTOCRYPT is quickly growing its foothold in Europe and North America, with plans to open its Singapore office later this year.

CEO and co-Founder Daniel ES Kim said in a statement regarding the funding round, “We’re proud of AUTOCRYPT’s progressive growth, and believe the investments are a reflection of the tremendous amounts of effort we have put into cultivating relationships in this rapidly changing industry of connected mobility.”

Kim continued regarding AUTOCRYPT’s plans for the next year, remarking, “We believe secure V2X will be the key to wider adoption of autonomous driving – this means implementing secure V2X connectivity in not just vehicles, but roads, infrastructure, but also pedestrian devices.” Kim refers to AutoCrypt SCMS, a tri-standard compliant PKI for message verification across all types of end-entities in the V2X environment.

AUTOCRYPT is currently in talks with several public agencies across the globe to implement its V2X security and SCMS for C-ITS projects. AUTOCRYPT already manages security and PKI for all C-ITS projects on the Korean peninsula. 

Besides its advancements in V2X security, AUTOCRYPT has also added Security Analyzer™ and Security Fuzzer™ to its in-vehicle systems security solution. Security Analyzer is an SBOM-based software vulnerability analysis platform, protecting vehicle software throughout its entire lifecycle, while Security Fuzzer effectively detects software flaws through smart fuzzing. Both tools are essential for today’s increasingly software-oriented E/E architecture. The company also plans to showcase its newest Plug&Charge (PnC) and EV-related offerings in Oslo at the 2022 International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS35).

AUTOCRYPT Opens New Corporate Location in Whitby, Ontario as Series B Financing Round Begins

WHITBY, ON, Nov. 29, 2021 — Industry-leading autonomous driving and secure mobility company AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd. held the official opening ceremony of its new corporate office in Whitby, Ontario, situated at the eastern end of the Greater Toronto Area. 

The opening of this new location comes seven months after AUTOCRYPT established its North American subsidiary, Autocrypt North America Ltd. The office now serves as a regional hub for AUTOCRYPT’s V2X, in-vehicle, Plug&Charge, and secure fleet management business developments. Ontario was chosen for its strategic importance; not only does the province account for 100% of Canada’s light vehicle production, but also sits within the Great Lakes “supercluster”—a region home to the North American automotive industry. 

“We are currently accelerating our talks with OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and EV charging providers across the continent,” said Sean HJ Cho, AUTOCRYPT’s President for North America. “This new corporate office brings us closer to local businesses, allowing us to work more efficiently. A lot of progress is being made and we are expecting some breakthrough results very soon.” 

AUTOCRYPT’s CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel ES Kim, added, “Our decades-long experience in securing connected tech has allowed us to secure over 3,000 miles of smart roadways and highways. We look forward to utilizing our cybersecurity expertise in bringing not only autonomous driving, but also smart mobility services to Ontario and beyond.” 

After closing a $15-million Series A funding round in late 2020, AUTOCRYPT has since then grown from a 50-member spinoff venture into a mid-size scale-up of over 140 employees, with clients and partners from some of the world’s top 10 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. It is now expanding its market reach in North America and Europe through a Series B financing round, opening doors to global investors. 

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AUTOCRYPT Brings V2X and In-Vehicle Security to Europe with New Munich Office

MUNICH, June 28, 2021 — AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd., a leading mobility security solutions provider, announced the opening of its first European office in Munich, Germany in June 2021. The new office, AUTOCRYPT Technologies GmbH, is expected to play a key role in the company’s active work with European OEMs on building V2X, in-vehicle, and Plug&Charge security solutions, as well as its ongoing discussions to participate in the development of Europe’s Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

Currently in talks with several European OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers on establishing business development and joint R&D partnerships, AUTOCRYPT chose Munich as its first European hub for its strategic location on the continent. Sitting at the center of both an automotive powerhouse and a massive transcontinental road network, Munich is an ideal contact location for European-based C-ITS developments and Plug&Charge initiatives. 

“Europe will play a large role in the mobility revolution, which will require comprehensive security. Hence our goal is to introduce AUTOCRYPT’s world-class technologies and solutions in V2X, in-vehicle, and Plug&Charge to European OEMs, suppliers, and regulators,” said Daniel ES Kim, AUTOCRYPT’s CEO and co-Founder. “We expect the Munich office to bring us closer to our business partners in Europe, serving as a solid foundation for our long-term plans.” 

european office ceo
AUTOCRYPT’s CEO and Head of Business Development at AUTOCRYPT’s European HQ

As the sole V2X security provider for South Korean C-ITS projects, AUTOCRYPT’s V2X-PKI technology goes beyond the standards of the SCMS and the EU CCMS, with one platform issuing certificates for both. It has also built several in-vehicle security solutions for global OEMs in compliance with the UNECE’s WP.29 regulations on cybersecurity.

Along with its crucial role in constructing security architecture for autonomous driving, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is also essential for Plug&Charge in accordance with ISO 15118. As one of the fastest-growing EV markets with over 280,000 public charging points, Europe is at the center of Plug&Charge development. Through its European office, AUTOCRYPT plans to continue strengthening its partnerships with European EV manufacturers, EVSE manufacturers, and charge point operators to secure communication points between vehicles and charging infrastructure. 

With rising demand for automotive cybersecurity solutions, AUTOCRYPT’s end-to-end approach to security allows for companies to easily navigate the complexities of the new mobility landscape.